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QLAN®, Inc is a Nevada Corporation organized for the purpose of developing, patenting and marketing a Wireless Mesh LAN network designed as an FCC licensed Internet Service Provider using Bluetouth, Zigbee, ANT…. 2.45 to 5 Ghz signal. 

To avoid requiring the use of a standard Cable, Satellite or RJ connection to create a WiFi signal, QLAN® will work with numerous LED wireless mesh network installers to provide an LED based wireless mesh network that will provide a strong signal for the LAN. This Wireless Mesh Network has been proven to provide a 30% or more savings against conventional LED.  

LED LAN Structure


The LED LAN is developed as a result of the high volume and close proximity of the LED lights and corresponding switches, sensors, controllers and receivers. This low frequency network actually increases in power as users and network needs are applied which is the opposite of a standard network, allowing stronger performance than conventional WiFi. 

As this WiFi is created using BLE or other low frequency signal, it allows QLAN to patent its use as we intend to take the Fiber input wire on commercial, industrial, government and Entertainment venues and use it for WiFi, ioT and Broadband purposes.. 



LED LAN Wireless Mesh structure is outlined as follows:

· FCC license to create Internet Service Provider (ISP) capability. This license needs to be tied into current Cell Tower FCC license application. This license will allow full ISP capabilities. 

· Contract Circuit provider[s] for buildings, Venue places, municipalities…

· Contract Attobahn wireless router systems to accept signal from LAN

· Link LAN signal to LED encrypted partition signal for security.

· Negotiate ISP and Network licenses to provide local and network feed for programming.

· Develop advertising platform to allow sale of advertising

· Creation of a local network feed to allow LAN client the ability to provide their own content

· Digital production capability to respond to client needs for programming and ad development


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